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We are a minority, family-owned restaurant with a focus on offering a variety of choices for every family member, regardless of dietary preferences. Almost all of our menu can be made Vegan/Vegetarian or add meat/dairy to all Vegan options. This allows for endless possibilities. By providing a wide selection, we are an all-inclusive, affordable, one-stop shop for everyone. We listen to our customers! if you have any questions, comments, or concerns reach out directly below. We care. Please allow 48 hours for a reply from on of our team members.

Real Reviews

Norma S., YELP 4/21

This was my first time ordering from them. Got a veggie pizza and some boneless chicken wings. Both were delicious and good quality. I will definitely be ordering more from this place in the future. I also like that they have vegan options, which is hard to find. I think they charge a fair price for what you get. I definitely recommend trying out this place.

Giovanni B., Google Reviews 4/21

Muy buena 
atención al cliente y las pizzas están bien.

Carolyn C., YELP 3/21

We Love Decari! We have tried pizza, pockets, salads, and the reuben. The food is always delicious. They accommodate all dietary preferences and are extremely vegan friendly!


Thai Quinoa Bowl

“If you're considering ordering from here, DO IT!  As a vegan, I get the vegan gourmet veggie pizza and I seriously eat it like twice a week. It is incredible! The cheese isn't overpowering or gross like normal vegan cheeses. It is simply so delicious and I would recommend it to everyone, dairy eater or not! my boyfriend also eats the meatball sub, which he loves and I can admit it smells really, really good. EAT HERE! It's family owned with really amazing prices! how much better can it get? they have SO many vegan options and regular meat options, and the prices are legit so reasonable and on the low side! It's the most versatile place where EVERYONE can eat, especially in the suburbs! Can't recommend it enough. it seriously makes me so happy that this place exists. *heart emoji*”

— Lace R., YELP 2/21


Sunny Artichoke Panini

“[...]I am at a loss for words how excited and delighted I was to try DeCari and it was GREAT! Not only was the service prompt and quick but everyone was just so kind there. PRICES ARE GREAT TOO!!! 
I decided I would enjoy my pizza inside and even though I got pizza their menu is quite large. If you're looking for your family then this is the place to go because they will have something for everyone! They have classic and specialty pizzas, quinoa bowls, and a ton more! Definitely check out their menu. As for my meal, I ordered the buffalo pizza and WOW!!!! The crust was like a true Italian crust that wasn't super thick but still had great texture and flavor to it. On top was blue cheese, buffalo sauce, chicken, and celery! The buffalo sauce was actually spicy which I find to be a rarity nowadays. I'm a connoisseur of blue cheese and I was very well pleased by the quality. Then mix in the chicken and celery and I'm starting to get hungry for it right now as I type this. To finish off dinner I had a mango Italian ice and it was delicious. A non artificial mango flavor with great texture. [...] Overall I HIGHLY recommend coming to DeCari! Whether you're here for lunch or dinner, with family or friends, in your spare time or in between work this is the place to come! ”

— Grant P., YELP 9/20

Real Reviews

David L., Google Reviews 3/20

Only ordered from there once so far during soft opening. Pizzas were very good. My wife, kids and I all enjoyed them. We also had the wings, they were very good as well, they were perfectly hot/spicy for me. We picked up the pizzas as delivery wasn't available at this point, so can't comment on the delivery. The parking lot only holds like three cars so its a little tight getting in and out. Even though it's called "to go" there are a few tables to sit and eat at. Friendly staff.

Sue K., Google Reviews 4/21

What a great addition to the neighborhood! There is food for everyone's taste including several plant-based options. No more settling for a plain, boring salad--the Greek quinoa bowl and Ruben panini were delicious! We ordered "traditional" food, too (pasta), and it was very good. The prices are reasonable and the portions are generous. I wish the current situation was more forgiving for your new business (we had to do curbside), but please know that your unique approach to making sure everyone has something good to order is much appreciated! We will be back, and soon.

Jeff R., Google Reviews 4/21

By far the best thin crust in Aurora, and its not even close folks. Reasonable prices and higher quality ingredients. The specialty pies are all on point with their flavors. For instance, their house special is very good take on the supreme and their Greek is a NY styled white with Mediterranean toppings


Penne Primavera

Amazing Pizza! Tried the Italian beef and salad and it was very delicious as well! Recommend everything here and I'm now a weekly customer! Great tasting food I'd give it 10/10 and wonderful people as well very kind and nice!

Eric L., Google Reviews 4/21


Veggie Pocket

" The most amazing pizza in town by far.... Ingredients are fresh, attention to detail is amazing, and the passion to make the pizza is obviously there. I personally tried the La Mexicana and it literally made my taste buds explode. Delivery was super fast if you order from them. Will continue to promote these people from now on... FYI their cauliflower wings are ginormous.

— Name, Title

Real Reviews

Gane W., Google Reviews 4/21

Amazing pizza and delicious vegan options.

Sue K., Google Reviews 4/21

Delicious vegan food!!! The Best around and reasonable! Had vegan pizza, Rueben & Veggie Pocket! All amazing! The buffalo Cauliflower bites also delicious!

Jenny S., YELP 3/20

Delicious vegan food!! The best around and reasonable! Had vegan pizza, rueben and veggie pocket! All amazing! The buffalo cauliflower bites also delicious!


Italian Beef

My new favorite place!! The pizza is delicious - and true thin crust! They have a very full, eclectic menu that I can't wait to work my way through. As a vegan, I'm excited to have a new option in town that provides a myriad of tasty meals I can choose from without being obnoxious with all my swaps and leave-outs. Pictured is their Primavera pizza. I asked for no cheese, but they do have non-dairy "cheese" available. I thought this depicted their crust and topping load well.

— Eleu 92, Google Reviews 5/20


Traditional Wings

After year's of driving by I decided to stop and to delight they have my favorite pizza spinach,onion and cheese the crust is really good. I've now had their Italian beef sandwich and the small side salad with anchovies real anchovies . They also have menu item's if your a vegetarians or vegan . My go to pizza joint and the the price's are very doable plus the food is great.😊🌻😎

— Dolores B., Google Reviews 3/21

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